Additional charges apply if wildlife (deer, rabbits, birds, insects) cause issues in residential garden actions to protect will be taken with additional costs. Fencing, OMRI approved food safe spray, or other physical deterrents.

Only Certified Organic growing practices will be utilized under the management of Certified Organic Farm to Table LLC. The plants, soil amendments, and methods of production will be consistent with NOFA NY Certified Organic Agriculture requirements for food production.

Please advise other working professionals at your home of your food production garden.

It is the responsibility of the client to inform any other service professional on site of the food growing median installed for consumption. This area is to become exempt from conventional sprays and management methods for fertility, disease, and insects.

There are inherent risks to growing food and weather as well as pests may cause production constraints. By signing below the risks involved with food production have been made clear. Yields are not guaranteed but we will do our absolute best to combat any issues and provide the best service and produce possible for your household.

All raised garden designs require a 25% deposit to ensure plant availability and materials. 

Fall Cleanup and monthly maintenance charges will apply to all installed and maintained Farm to Table raised beds.

Cover Crop mix of clover, and grain recommended for all boxes by November. Additional charges apply.