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It all started when...

We realized that not only did our customers want to eat our Certified Organic vegetables grown at our farm,

they wanted to be more involved and grow their own organic vegetables too.


William Lee, a 3rd generation farmer at Sang Lee Farms, started this satellite of Sang Lee Farms in order to help home gardeners get started with their edible landscapes. He has extensive knowledge and experience growing vegetables, herbs, fruit, and trees.  Will has trained over the last 10 years to use Certified Organic practices with  OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved products and soil additives in addition to practicing IPM (integrated pest management) solutions. Will balances environmentally responsible, safe and healthy food production with his extensive horticulture experience  to create an edible landscape that will please the eyes and palette. With recommendations on plant spacing, light conditions, soil composition, irrigation intervals and equipment needs, Will can help you grow and harvest your own fresh food in your own backyard.  Currently, Will is managing an operations crew at Sang Lee Farms, a farmer's market in West Hampton Beach, and is in charge of the majority of tractor work on the 100 acre organic farm. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to work with Will and Sang Lee Farms to build your garden this year. 




Contact us with an questions or concerns before committing to a garden consult service