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Growing your own food is rewarding but requires a specific set of skills and materials. We can help you achieve results that yield Certified Organic vegetables right in your own garden!

Book your consultation now to begin working with Will and our Farm to Table team of garden professionals!

Our certified organic management consultations and vegetables garden designs begin at $200 for your initial consultation. This includes the first two hours of time dedicated to your project. This will get you started working with Will and on a path to growing your own food.

Once you begin working with Farm to Table you can expect to start to develop a new edible landscape and/or receive tips and guidance to increase your existing edible garden.

In most cases you will have a quote with explanation on installation estimates by the end of your initial consultation.

More often with larger gardens and new construction more time will need to be invested in order to design and layout a long term edible garden.

If additional time, site visits, design work, drawings or installations are required, work will be billed separately at $100/hr.  Our vegetable growing professionals will contact you regarding a specific plan once you fill out the form below and complete your consultation deposit.

This form allows us to begin getting an idea of you project goals, what you would like to grow, and where you are located.

With additional project planning we can also create a specific plan for your vegetable/herb garden with planting/harvest dates, planting procedures, irrigation recommendations, trellising techniques, harvest intervals, integrated pest management strategies, crop rotation, companion planting, succession planting, fertility strategies & soil amendments . 

All Consultations for new clients must be prepaid and booked a week in advance. 

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Estate Management, Design, Consulting

& Maintenance Services


North Fork Edible Estate management services, additional certified organic consulting, garden maintenance, perennial fruit management, seasonal cover crop seeding, raised bed installations, and landscape design is available.  

If you would like our team to manage your edible planting we can service your garden weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We will arrange a seasonal or perennial estate plan that will help you successfully grow your vegetable, herb, and fruit all season long!

New clients should purchase an initial consult in order to begin working with our Farm to Table team.  All Farm to Table consultation and management is billed at 100/hr.  We will establish a design/seasonal plan that will help you achieve your goals of growing healthy, organic, fresh, vegetables fruits and herbs. 

Contact us with your goals and project details when inquiring about these services.