North Fork Estate GARDEN ON THE SOUND 

Combination in ground & Raised Beds and In ground beds with dining area.

This garden was designed and built by a local landscape architect.  We brought our growing knowledge and expertise.  We adjusted soil composition with the addition of certified organic amendments, and planted certified organic Sang Lee plants to create a beautiful and productive garden.  We planned weekly succession plantings to provide a bounty of food for family and friends all summer long. More importantly this collaboration involved teaching our client many skills for growing his own healthy food.


We offer management and consulting all season long so you can be successful with all the vegetables, herbs, and fruit you wish to grow!  We aim to teach you the skills you need to manage your own garden successfully. 


Pool house Raised Beds for Garden Party dining experience.

We constructed the premium cedar beds and installed them along with custom designed irrigation and our signature Certified Organic Soil mix.  We established one perennial herb bed, one perennial fruit bed with berries and fig trees, one seasonal vegetable bed and one lettuce and cutting greens bed. This garden produced an abundance of fruits, veggies and herbs for summer entertaining. Guests were able to walk through the garden and pick cherry tomatoes, berries, and herb garnishing before they dined on farm to table fare.


We are pleased to work with private chefs and caters to plan, enhance and create your favorite dining experience with fresh local food!  


In ground garden with Deer fence and burlap walkways.

We are pleased to present our in ground garden option.  We developed crop rotation strategies, trellis techniques and drip line irrigation to increase yields.  The growing space of our mini farm garden had an amazing value and production!  We planted alongside the children in the family, teaching and involving them from planting to harvest.  Family and friends enjoyed harvesting the bounty all summer long.   The freshness of the produce harvested so close to home had unsurpassed quality and flavor for even the most discerning palates.  


If your culinary skills are ready for the next level let us bring our produce right to your home so you can taste the difference!  Our hands on growing experiences will bring a healthy alternative directly to your family and friends.