Organic Garden Installation & Consulting Services By Sang Lee Farms
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Reduce our carbon footprint. Create sustainable food systems. Empower people to grow their own food. Educate seasonal local fruits and vegetables. Teach the value and quality of food to children. Grow clean, safe & high nutrition food for our community


William Lee, a 3rd generation farmer at Sang Lee Farms, started this satellite LLC in order to help food conscious clients with their edible landscapes. His mission is to help everyone grow their own environmentally friendly and healthy food.  Whether it is a large acreage farm field, a raised bed, or a roof top garden Will is here to help you grow! 


He has extensive knowledge and experience growing vegetables, herbs, and perennial fruit.  Will has trained over the last 10 years in Certified Organic horticulture.  His management strategy is to utilize OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved products and soil amendments as well as practice IPM (integrated pest management) solutions in all his gardens. Will balances environmentally responsible, safe and healthy food production with his hands on agricultural experience  to create edible gardens that will please the eyes and palette. With recommendations on plant spacing, light conditions, soil composition, irrigation intervals and equipment needs, Will can help you grow and harvest your own fresh food at your custom location. 

 Currently, Will is managing 100 acres of Organic Vegetables at Sang Lee Farms as well as sitting on Southold Towns Land Preservation Committee.  He has training for all aspects of professional growing and food handling. He has participated in Produce Safety Alliance training as well as Farm Credit East Generation Next. Will is a Southold High school local and Fairfield University Business school Graduate. Sang Lee Farms and the Farm to Table is team are excited to offer you the opportunity to work with them and Sang Lee Farms to build your garden this year.